Ondoliva Selection Evo

Ondoliva Selection


Its Original taste profile, kept still from the ancient times.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Carefully selected to be Ondoliva Flagship, it masterfully balances a cuopage made from Arbequina (fruity and aromatic), Hojiblanca (bringing some pleasant heat) and Picual (Intense variety that adds body to the coupage).

Extra Virgin Olive Oil / Glass

Formats and sizes available: 
BOTTLE GLASS  250ML _ 750ML _ 500ML _ 1L

Extra Virgin Olive Oil / HPET & SPET

Formats and sizes available: 
HPD  250ML _ 500ML _ 1L // PET  1L _ 1,5L _ 2L _ 3L _ 5L

100% Organic

Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Ondoliva Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil superior quality oil made from 100% organically grown olives, just the way our ancestors did it. This is highly stable greenish-golden juice, rich in fresh-grass aromas, with nuances of green fruit and a slight bite to it, giving a pleasant taste to your palate. This oil’s aroma and personality make it the perfect complement to your meals.

Balanced, slightly almond-flavoured taste with touches of almond and green apple.

Formats and sizes available: ANFORA GLASS  250ML _ 500ML _ 750 ML

Extra Virgin Olive Oil / TIN

Formats and sizes available: 
250ML _ 500ML _ 750 ML _ 1L _ 2L _ 3L _ 5L _ GALON

More sizes available upon request.

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