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ARRONIZ & ARBOSANA The aromas and tastes of our land, Navarra.

SILVER MEDAL 2019 Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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From the tree to the table

Are collected at their optimum point to obtain the precious juice.

The origin

Since 1950 Ondoliva has gained a well-deserved reputation, offering an outstanding Olive Oil perfectly described by the local farmers with the use of the word “Ondo” which means “Good”.

Back in the day, olives were picked by hand, olive by olive, men and women standing shoulder to shoulder throughout the district in the traditional olive harvest. Once collected, olives were taken to the presses where they were ground in grass baskets creating pressure to obtain the precious oil. The oil was kept in clay jars and later bottled and taken round the houses.

70 years later, Urzante remains true to our original values that have helped us to reach this point: Keeping the spirit of tradition and respect for the land and the environment.

Our Estate

Located in the North of Spain, nestled in the green Ebro River Valley, Navarra has enjoyed a long history of olive oil, dating from the days of the Romans. The “Finca la Estanca” estate is located close to a National Park in a fertile land where a dam was built by the Romans over 2000 years ago. It is still preserved and gives it its name, “Finca La Estanca” or “The Dam Estate”. Here is where the Marin Family founded Urzante in 1950.

Today “Finca la Estanca” covers a surface of 1,200 hectares with a production capacity of Extra Virgin Olive Oil attaining 2,240,000 litres. The olive varieties grown, all distinguished by its mild and fruity flavour among other properties, include Koroneiki (Greek), Arbequina (Spanish), Arbosana (Spanish) and Arróniz (Spanish).


Our values

True to our land

By owing our own olive trees plantations we cover the full production process from the fields to your table!

Food security Policy

We have passed the most demanding requirements and audits, getting the most recognized food quality seals.

Respect for the enviroment

We recycle 100% of the residues! Our energetic system supplies in a cogeneration network saving a big of CO2 yearly. Our factory is totally covered by solar panels in order to produce total clean and renewable energy.

Master tasters

Every year our Expert Panel Test Taste more than 7.000 olive oil samples with a 70% rejection rate due to our rigorous quality standars panel.

Our quality certificates

Urzante Group

Spain, located in the Mediterranean area, has a privileged climate to grow the best ingredients which form part of the Mediterranean Diet.  Spanish gastronomy is one of the healthiest and richest in the world. Nowadays, Spain is –by far, the biggest Olive Oil producer in the world, bringing millions of consumers the best from its lands.

Located in the North of Spain, nestled in the green Ebro River Valley, Navarra has enjoyed a long history of olive oil, dating from the days of the Romans. Famous region by the Premium taste of its vegetables and crops.

ONDOLIVA Factory is located in Tudela, in the URZANTE region. An extremely fertile area recognized as being one of best vegetables growing areas in Spain, located between the Ebro river valley and the Natural National Park of Moncayo. Thanks to this privileged location our olive fields are watered every year by the Moncayo snowmelt, one of the purest waters in the world.

Strategically located in the North of Spain very close to the French border. Well connected to the 3 main Spanish Ports: Barcelona, Valencia and Bilbao. Efficient and cost saving transport to any destination in Europe and overseas.

Ciudad Agroalimentaria, A. 31500 Tudela. Navarra. Spain
+34 948 85 02 37  customer.support@urzante.com
42.078173, -1.647078

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